Is Klas & Sylph’s footwear handmade?

Klas & Sylph’s footwear is essentially handmade. With exceptions to the production of midsoles and outsoles, the rest of our production process, ranging from cutting, upper closing (i.e. stitching), trimming, midsole wrapping (i.e. our midsole is hand-wrapped with microfiber sock lining), sanding, assembling, to finishing, all requires high level of craftsmanship that cannot be replaced [...]

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What is Klas & Sylph’s midsole made of?

Our midsole is made of a special formula of the finest polyurethane (PU) imported from Germany. It is incredibly soft, flexible, and durable. Unlike midsoles made of different materials (e.g. EVA), Klas & Sylph’s PU-based Burlin Sole is much more resilient, as it reverts to its original form despite being constantly compressed by the body mass [...]

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What are Klas & Sylph’s footwear upper and upper lining made of?

Klas & Sylph’s footwear upper is mainly made of genuine cowhide leather, microfiber, and the mixture of both. Our ranges of cowhide leather include glitter leather, Nappa leather, leopard-printed leather (or the like), and embossed leather, among other possibilities, all of which are of excellent quality. Likewise, microfiber is the latest invention in the textile industry [...]

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What is Klas & Sylph’s sock lining made of?

Our sock lining is made of either microsuede or smooth microfiber. Microsuede is the type of microfiber that has similar texture to that of suede but is more durable and doesn’t shrink or become hardened when it’s exposed to water. The touch of microsuede is incredibly soft and gentle to sensitive skin. Smooth microfiber, on [...]

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Which is better between Microsuede and Smooth Microfiber?

Microsuede is a type of microfiber with texture similar to that of suede. But unlike suede, microsuede doesn’t stretch or harden when repeatedly exposed to water. Microfiber is a type of fabric, hence it can be washed or cleaned a lot more easily comparing to suede. Smooth microfiber, on the other hand, has texture similar [...]

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How durable is Klas & Sylph’s footwear?

Our midsole alone has a minimum life expectancy of 3 years. The life expectancy of other components of Klas & Sylph’s footwear, on the other hand, depends on individual product usage, conditions of use, and characteristic wear patterns of the user. In fact, usage duration (i.e. number of days from the date of first use) can [...]

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