What is Arch Support?2016-09-03T18:26:57+07:00

Arch support supports the natural arch of the feet and distributes the body weight throughout. This helps diffusing the pressure around the ball and heel of the feet and relieving you from stone bruise, heel pain, and lower back pain. Arch support also prevents your feet from developing pronation (i.e. fallen arch) and supination, the conditions which directly affect your hips, knees, ankles, and spine.

What type of feet do I have?2016-10-13T00:01:04+07:00

There are three basic types of feet based on the heights of your arch – low arch (i.e. flat feet), normal arch, and high arch. To determine your foot type, you could simply ask your friend or spouse to observe your foot arch as you’re standing straight on the ground and see which of these illustrations give the best match. You could also do a watermark test, i.e. wetting your feet thoroughly (but not too wet or else you could get an inaccurate reading) and stepping on a piece of brown paper to see what shape it forms. Below are the possible footprints that determine the types of your feet:

Alternatively, you can consult an orthopedist or getting a foot scan from an orthotics/orthopedics outlet near you for more accurate reading.

What level of arch support should I get?2016-10-13T00:01:03+07:00

Klas & Sylph offers three different levels of arch support that are compatible with three different types of foot. We generally recommend low arch support for flat feet, medium arch support for normal feet, and high arch support for high-arch feet. This, however, does not mean that you cannot wear different levels of arch support. In fact, some of our flat-footed customers prefer medium arch support to low arch support, and some of our normal-footed customers find greater comfort in low arch support instead of medium arch support. Please see our complete list of arch support recommendations on our Health Benefits page.

Please note that if you have never been accustomed to arch support as foot health solutions before, it could take up to 3-4 weeks for your feet to properly adjust to the arch support. For smoother and more comfortable transition, we advise you to start wearing our sandals for a short period of time before gradually increasing your wear duration over time.

Is higher arch support better?2016-09-03T18:27:18+07:00

Different individuals have different types of feet, so until we know what your foot type is, we cannot conclude whether or not higher arch support is best for you. In fact, higher arch support is best for customers with high-arch feet, but if you normal or flat feet, we would recommend you to go with medium or low arch support instead. The best level of arch support is the one that is most compatible to your feet.

I have flat feet. Can I go with medium arch support or high arch support?2016-09-03T18:27:25+07:00

Whereas it’s possible for flat-footed individuals to go with medium arch support, we do not recommend you to go with high arch support since it could cause pain instead of comfort. Please note that higher arch support doesn’t mean that it’s better. Rather, the best level of arch support is the one that is most compatible to your feet. Please read our arch support recommendations for flat feet on our Health Benefits page for complete reference.

I have normal feet. Can I go with low arch support or high arch support?2016-09-03T18:27:33+07:00

While medium arch support is generally the best option, it is possible for individuals with normal feet to go with either low or high arch support instead if they prefer. Please read our arch support recommendations for normal feet on our Health Benefits page  for complete reference.

I have high-arched feet. Can I go with low arch support or medium arch support?2016-09-03T18:27:40+07:00

Whereas it’s best for individuals with high-arch feet to go with high arch support, it is possible for them to go with medium arch support if they prefer. We, however, do not recommend you to go with low arch support since it wouldn’t be delivering much health benefit for your feet.

Please read our arch support recommendations for high-arch feet on our Health Benefits page for complete reference.

Is Klas & Sylph’s footwear suitable for over-pronated or over-supinated feet?2016-10-13T00:01:03+07:00

Klas & Sylph’s footwear is embedded with orthopedically contoured arch support, hence it is suitable for both over-pronated and over-supinated feet.

Over pronation is the condition in which the feet roll inwards and the arch of the feet flatten (i.e. fallen/collapse arch). This symptom usually occurs to flat-footed individuals. If your feet are over-pronated, then our midsole with low or medium arch support is recommended for you.


Supination, on the other hand, is the condition in which the feet roll outwards (i.e. opposite of over pronation) and places excessive weight onto the outside of the foot and raising the arch. This symptom usually occurs to individuals with high-arch feet. If you have over-supinated feet, then our midsole with high arch support is suitable for you. Please click here to read more about over supination.


How is Klas & Sylph’s footwear compared to traditional shoe inserts?2016-09-03T18:27:56+07:00

Klas & Sylph’s footwear has similar arch support and heel cup contours as those of the shoe inserts currently available in the market. But while shoe inserts give you the convenience in that you might be able to use them with your existing pairs of shoes, finding a perfect match could be difficult since different brands of shoes have different insole pattern and the shoe insert should be of the same pattern in order to give the best fit. Klas & Sylph’s footwear, on the other hand, is already embedded with well-contoured arch support and heel cup. Together with our Burlin Sole, Klas & Sylph’s footwear come with exceptional flexibility and shock absorption, the qualities which shoe insert alone cannot provide.

How is Klas & Sylph different from other brands of comfort shoes?2016-09-03T18:28:03+07:00

Comfort shoes can be divided into two broad categories – non-orthopedics and orthopedics – according to the presence/absence of arch support. Klas & Sylph is embedded with arch support, so it belongs to the orthopedics category.

Orthopedics footwear is NOT the same as toning shoes. Toning shoes belongs to non-orthopedics category that promotes “good health” through physical exercise. Unlike athletic shoes, however, toning shoes have raised considerable skepticisms and been involved in numerous false-advertising lawsuits concerning the accuracy of their claimed effectiveness in toning buttock and calf muscles.

In contrast, orthopedics footwear are not made for exercising purpose but rather made to improve body alignments and alleviate foot pain conditions. Orthopedics footwear is based on real science, not marketing gimmick.

What level of midsole thickness is the best?2016-10-13T00:00:58+07:00

Klas & Sylph has three levels of thickness – low, medium, high. The level of our midsole thickness has a direct relationship with the midsole flexibility. While all levels of thickness are flexible, the lower thickness, the higher the flexibility, and vice versa. Nevertheless, higher thickness, though less flexible, comes with greater shock absorption. The table below summarizes the level of flexibility and shock absorption with respect to different levels of thickness.

A table summarizing the degree of shock absorption and toe flexibility in different level of midsole thickness of Klas & Sylph's footwear

How thick the sole would be best for you depends on your daily lifestyle and/or the road conditions you’re normally taking. If your daily lifestyle involves high-impact activity and/or you’re normally taking a rocky road, then our higher thickness range should be better for you. If your daily activity requires you to do a lot of squat (e.g. gardening), then our lower thickness range should be better. We recommend our medium thickness range if your lifestyle/road conditions is somewhere in between the above scenarios.

Please note that, in addition to midsole thickness, it is important to take midsole density into consideration to accurately determine whether or not the midsole has adequate shock absorption ability. In fact, midsoles with lower thickness but higher density may be more shock absorbing than midsoles with higher thickness but lower density. Klas & Sylph has put a lot of research effort into the development of Burlin Sole. Through thickness-density optimization, we have created more slender midsoles (i.e. less bulky) but with the level of shock absorption comparable or even exceeding that of many existing products with thicker midsoles in the market.

How does footwear flexibility affect my foot health?2016-09-03T18:28:16+07:00

A good pair of shoes is the one that allows the feet to move as naturally as possible, especially around the toes that flex the most. Lack or low level of flexibility (i.e. high rigidity) results in high resistance force as you walk, putting enormous strain on the ball muscles as well as Achilles tendon, causing a common symptom of metatarsalgia (i.e. pain and inflammation in the ball of the feet) and inflamed Achilles tendon. However, Klas & Sylph is nothing like that. Our footwear comes with exceptional flexibility, hence keeping the chance of developing such foot symptoms to the minimum.

How does midsole resiliency affect my foot health?2016-10-13T00:00:58+07:00

It should be fair to say that there’s hardly anyone that stands or walks with perfect balance, putting equal weighting on both sides of the feet. Naturally, we can expect one side of a pair of shoes to flatten more than the other (i.e. unequal flattening), so it is crucial for the footwear midsole to revert to its original shape (i.e. resiliency) and equalize the body balance. Lack of or inadequate midsole resiliency would cause the body posture to misalign and result in pain in the neck, back, and joints.

Klas & Sylph understands the importance of midsole resiliency and develops Burlin Sole for that very reason. With a special formula of the finest Polyurethane (PU) imported from Germany, Klas & Sylph succeeds in producing quality footwear whose midsole is exceptionally flexible, resilient, and comfortable.

Please note, however, that PU as a midsole material is not the same material as normally short-lived PU fabric used in the making of shoes upper of other brands in the market. In fact, Klas & Sylph’s PU-based Burlin Sole has a minimum life expectancy of 3 years, conservatively speaking.

I can’t find the arch support/midsole thickness combination that I want. What should I do?2016-10-13T00:01:03+07:00

Our arch support/midsole thickness combinations currently available are summarised in the table below. For those that are not yet available, we will let you know as soon as they are.

A table summarizing Klas & Sylph's available combination of midsole thickness and level of arch support

Please click here to learn how to use product filter to search for the arch support level/midsole thickness combination that you want.

Is Klas & Sylph’s footwear handmade?2016-09-03T18:28:37+07:00

Klas & Sylph’s footwear is essentially handmade. With exceptions to the production of midsoles and outsoles, the rest of our production process, ranging from cutting, upper closing (i.e. stitching), trimming, midsole wrapping (i.e. our midsole is hand-wrapped with microfiber sock lining), sanding, assembling, to finishing, all requires high level of craftsmanship that cannot be replaced with machines. Our footwear is something that can only be achieved in decent quality with human hands. Hence, the quality of our footwear is distinctly superior to machine-made footwear (i.e. industrial products), and this is something that you would be able to experience first hand.

What is Klas & Sylph’s midsole made of?2016-10-13T00:00:58+07:00

Our midsole is made of a special formula of the finest polyurethane (PU) imported from Germany. It is incredibly soft, flexible, and durable. Unlike midsoles made of different materials (e.g. EVA), Klas & Sylph’s PU-based Burlin Sole is much more resilient, as it reverts to its original form despite being constantly compressed by the body mass for a long period of time. This provides both exceptional comfort and ongoing stability in every single step that you take.

What are Klas & Sylph’s footwear upper and upper lining made of?2016-09-03T18:28:51+07:00

Klas & Sylph’s footwear upper is mainly made of genuine cowhide leather, microfiber, and the mixture of both. Our ranges of cowhide leather include glitter leather, Nappa leather, leopard-printed leather (or the like), and embossed leather, among other possibilities, all of which are of excellent quality. Likewise, microfiber is the latest invention in the textile industry known for its strength and durability.

Our upper lining is made of microsuede, which is the type of microfiber that has similar texture to that of suede but is more durable and doesn’t shrink or become hardened when it’s exposed to water. The touch of microsuede is incredibly soft and gentle to sensitive skin.

What is Klas & Sylph’s sock lining made of?2016-09-03T18:28:59+07:00

Our sock lining is made of either microsuede or smooth microfiber.

Microsuede is the type of microfiber that has similar texture to that of suede but is more durable and doesn’t shrink or become hardened when it’s exposed to water. The touch of microsuede is incredibly soft and gentle to sensitive skin.

Smooth microfiber, on the other hand, has texture similar to that of Nappa leather. The touch of smooth microfiber might not be as great as that of microsuede, but smooth microfiber is easier to maintain, so it’s our recommended choice if you prioritize convenience over delicate touch.

Which is better between Microsuede and Smooth Microfiber?2016-09-03T18:29:09+07:00

Microsuede is a type of microfiber with texture similar to that of suede. But unlike suede, microsuede doesn’t stretch or harden when repeatedly exposed to water. Microfiber is a type of fabric, hence it can be washed or cleaned a lot more easily comparing to suede.

Smooth microfiber, on the other hand, has texture similar to that of Nappa leather. The touch of smooth microfiber might not be as great as that of microsuede, but smooth microfiber is easier to maintain, so it’s our recommended choice if you prioritize convenience over delicate touch.

We offer sock-lining customization option for some of our collections. Please contact us directly if you would like to customize your sock lining.

What is Klas & Sylph’s outsole made of?2016-09-03T18:29:15+07:00

Our outsole is made of elastic and biodegradable natural rubber.

Does Klas & Sylph’s footwear provide slip resistance?2016-09-03T18:29:56+07:00

Klas & Sylph’s footwear has excellent slip resistance, thanks to the deliberate design of our outsole made for optimal friction. However, we don’t recommend wearing Klas & Sylph’s footwear on carpeted floor, as the friction could be too high.

How durable is Klas & Sylph’s footwear?2016-09-03T18:30:15+07:00

Our midsole alone has a minimum life expectancy of 3 years. The life expectancy of other components of Klas & Sylph’s footwear, on the other hand, depends on individual product usage, conditions of use, and characteristic wear patterns of the user. In fact, usage duration (i.e. number of days from the date of first use) can hardly be used as an accurate measure of life expectancy of a product since usage duration alone cannot determine if the product has undergone heavy usage or not. In any case, we recommend you to consider replacing your existing pair of Klas & Sylph when its outsole pattern becomes significantly abraded.

I want to wear thong designs but thongs always hurt my toes. What should I do?2016-04-11T23:09:29+07:00

There are three primary causes of thongs hurting your toes – (1) the material of the thong that comes into contact with your toe, (2) the thickness of the thong, and (3) the sensitivity of your skin. We use microsuede as upper lining/thong material in most designs and always make sure to optimize the thong thickness during design, development, and production. But while the possibility of our thong hurting your toes is lower than thongs made by other brands, we can’t guarantee that our thong would not hurt your toes, especially if you have very sensitive skin. So if you want to be completely assured that the footwear you purchase from us would not hurt your toes, you might want to consider our slip-on designs instead.

Does Klas & Sylph offer product customization services?2016-09-03T18:30:25+07:00

Klas & Sylph offers partial customization services, including:

  • Customized upper color other than the colors that are available on each individual product page
  • Customized sock lining (microsuede vs. smooth microfiber; this customization option is already available on each individual product page.)
  • Customized midsole type (based on the available range of midsole) for certain designs
  • Customized fitting (e.g. to apply fitting for size #35 on midsole #37)

Please contact us directly if you want to place a customized order.

Can I return or exchange custom order goods?2016-09-03T18:30:33+07:00

Customized goods are made only for you upon your requested specifications. This means that we would not be able to sell it to anyone else, so we do not accept a return or exchange of custom order goods in any case.

What are your shipping options?2016-09-03T18:30:40+07:00
Is there additional shipping cost?2016-09-03T18:30:50+07:00
When will I receive the goods?2016-09-03T18:30:57+07:00

Once you’ve completed your payment, the ordered goods will be dispatched to you within 1-3 business days, providing that we have the goods in stock. For backorders and custom orders, however, the goods will generally require a production lead time of 5-7 business days (unless we inform you otherwise) and will be dispatched as soon as the production is complete. Please note that the production of backorders and custom orders will commence only after you’ve completed your payment in full.

For customers whose delivery address is in Bangkok and vicinity

After we’ve dispatched the ordered goods to you, we will send a tracking number to you. Once you receive the tracking number, you should expect to receive the ordered goods within 1-2 days.

For customers whose delivery address is elsewhere in Thailand

After we’ve dispatched the ordered goods to you, we will send a tracking number to you. Once you receive the tracking number, you should expect to receive the ordered goods within 2-3 days.

How do I make payment?2017-11-30T23:02:35+07:00

Please visit this page for relevant information.

Can I pay with my debit/credit card?2016-09-03T18:31:11+07:00

Yes, you can make payment with your debit/credit card via PayPal.

What is PayPal?2019-03-13T22:41:11+07:00

PayPal is an international online payment system that has been providing online payment solutions since 1998. PayPal is a wholly owned subsidiary of eBay and is one of the world’s largest and most well-known Internet payment companies.

Making payment through PayPal is very secure. Not only does PayPal excel in online payment process and security, it also provides purchase protection to both buyers and sellers. Please feel free to read more about this on its website.

How do I check if you’ve received my payment?2016-09-03T18:31:24+07:00

There are 2 ways to check if we’ve received your payment, regardless of which payment method you’re using:

  1. Go to My Account > View Orders. In the Status column, a successful payment will be shown as “Completed”. If you have yet to make payment, the Status will be shown as “Pending Payment”. (Note: For direct bank transfer payment, please be reminded to contact us and let us know about your payment as well as provide us with your Order ID and proof of payment. We can only update your order status after we’ve received these details.)
  2. You will also receive an email confirming your payment, regardless of which payment method you’re using.
Can I pay for my order in installments?2017-11-30T12:06:44+07:00

If you’re a KASIKORN BANK credit cardholder, you are eligible for 0% interest installment plan for the following purchase:

  • 0% interest for 3 months (i.e. 3-month installment plan) for minimum purchase of THB 3,000.-
  • 0% interest for 6 months (i.e. 6-month installment plan) for minimum purchase of THB 6,000.-
  • 0% interest for 10 months (i.e. 10-month installment plan) for minimum purchase of THB 10,000.-

You can also apply for a 3- to 10-month installment plan at 0.8% interest per month if you don’t meet any of the minimum purchase requirements above.

Installment Policy:

  • You must be a KBANK credit cardholder in order to be eligible for installment payment option.
  • The installment payment options only applies to purchases from our stores at Terminal 21 and Central Ladprao (click to see the location of our stores.)
  • The installment payment option cannot be used in conjunction with other promotion offer other than regular discount (i.e. flat discount).
  • If you wish to apply for an installment plan, you must inform our staff before making payment that.
    • If you’ve already chosen a standard payment option (i.e. not in installments) with your credit card, you cannot change it to installment payment option afterwards.
    • If you’ve already chosen an installment payment option, you cannot change the installment duration or cancel your installment plan afterwards.
  • Products purchased with an installment payment option are not refundable.
  • We deserve the right to modify our Installment Policy without prior notice.


What is “credit”?2017-11-30T19:23:50+07:00

“Credits” or “user credits” is a payment option that you can use to purchase products on our website.

To use credits, you must have sufficient credits in your user account (each credit is equivalent to THB 1.00). If you don’t have sufficient credits in your user account, you can top up your credits by transferring the cash amount to any one of our bank accounts, as listed below:

Kasikorn Bank (KBANK): 340-1-03113-7

Thai Military Bank (TMB): 126-2-34971-3

Siam Commercial Bank (SCB): 347-295082-1

Each time you purchase credits, you’d be awarded with bonus credits, as summarized in the following table:

Top-up Credits Bonus Credits Total Top-up Credits
THB 1,500.- THB 100.- THB 1,600.-
THB 2,500.- THB 200.- THB 2,700.-
THB 5,000.- THB 500.- THB 5,500.-

**Note: Both purchased credits and bonus credits are NOT refundable (i.e. cannot be converted back into cash).

how do I make payment with “credits”?2017-11-30T23:11:30+07:00

You will see this payment option on the Checkout page.

What are covered in product warranty?2016-09-03T18:31:30+07:00

Please refer to our Warranty policy.

What are warranty conditions?2016-09-03T18:31:35+07:00

Please refer to our Warranty policy.

What’s the duration of product warranty?2016-09-03T18:31:41+07:00

Please refer to our Warranty policy.

Can I get repair service after my warranty has expired?2016-09-03T18:31:47+07:00

Please refer to our Warranty policy.

How do I clean my shoes?2016-09-03T18:31:53+07:00

Please refer to our Cleaning Instructions page.

Is it difficult to get rid of stains on the sock lining?2016-09-03T18:31:59+07:00

We use microfiber as a sock lining material for our footwear. Microfiber is a high-quality type of fabric that’s as durable as genuine leather (if not more) and, unlike suede, it can be exposed to water without shrinking or becoming out of shape. Hence, microfiber is washable and you can remove the stains as easily as when you clean your cloths.

There are 2 types of microfiber that we use – smooth microfiber and microsuede. While it is easier to clean smooth microfiber (i.e. you only need to wipe the texture clean with a wet towel), microsuede requires a more attentive care. In fact, as cleaning microsuede is comparable to cleaning your clothes, this implies that you have to clean it as often in order to remove the stains more easily without ruining the fabric (i.e. from harsh scrubbing). Of course, if you prefer convenience to suede-like texture, we highly recommend you to choose smooth microfiber as a material for your sock lining. This option is available for you to choose in each product page before you proceed to ‘add to cart’.

Please refer to our ‘Cleaning Instructions‘ page for more information on how to clean your Klas & Sylph footwear.

Would the shoes smell? If it does, how do I get rid of the unpleasant odor?2016-09-03T18:32:05+07:00

Whether or not your shoes would smell depends on a number of factors, such as:

  1. Is your shoes too tight? – if your shoes is too small for your feet, your feet will sweat more, and as we know it, sweat always smells. If this is the case, our best advice for you is to always refer to our size guide to make sure that you pick the right size.
  2. Do you feet sweat easily? – it’s perfectly natural that some people’s feet sweat more easily than others’ and it’s just not possible to go against nature. The good news though is that the material that we use for our sock lining is microfiber is a type of high-quality fabric that can be washed. Hence, despite how much your feet sweat, you can always clean the shoes with soap water, and the unpleasant smell would be gone.
  3. Did you just step on dirty water? – of course, sometimes it can’t be helped that we have to walk through damp and dirty streets. But again, since microfiber is washable, you can always clean your shoes with soap water to get rid of the unpleasant smell afterwards. So, no worry at all.

If you haven’t read our Cleaning Instructions already, we recommend that you do. :)

I’m not keen on cleaning my shoes regularly. Is there any design that is easy for me to maintain?2016-09-03T18:32:12+07:00
Would your shoes fit?2016-10-13T00:00:58+07:00

In each individual product page, there’s a “size guide” button (i.e. the yellow button above “add to cart” button) that (upon clicking it) will give you instructions on how to measure your feet as well as the size information (i.e. length and width) of the midsole used for the design you see on that particular product page.

Klas & Sylph use different types of midsole (with unique midsole ID) for different designs. As each type of midsole comes with different dimensions, it’s highly recommended that you always refer to the size guide on each product page to ensure that you’ll be selecting the right size of Klas & Sylph footwear.

Please note that the size guide on each product page is only relevant to the design you see on that page (as well as other designs that use the same type of midsole). This means that if you click on the “size guide” button on a different product page (with a design that uses a different type of midsole), the size guide button will give you a different size table.

In the worst-case scenario in which you’ve followed our instructions and recommendations flawlessly and the product you’ve purchased still do not fit well, you have an option to exchange it for a different size of the same product or the same size of a different design within 14 days after receiving your ordered goods. Please read to our Return & Exchange policy for more information.