KS Reward Points

  1. You are entitled to receive KS Reward Points (“points”) for your purchase(s) of Goods from the Site. You can also gain extra points from your participation in online promotional activities that we organize from time to time (in which case we would specifically inform you how many points you could earn). You can redeem points for a minimum discount of THB 1,000.00 (inclusive of 7% VAT) off the Cart Subtotals in your subsequent purchases.
  2. If the Cart Totals after your redemption of KS Reward Points falls below THB 1,300.00, the shipping fee of THB 100.00 will apply.
  3. You can only redeem points for the order with minimum Cart Subtotals of THB 1,000.00.
  4. The points cannot be redeemed in conjunction with other promotional discounts, except with flat discounts as offered and displayed on the Site.
  5. Points are calculated from prices exclusive of 7% VAT less all effective discounts.
  6. You will receive 1 point for every THB 10.00 (exclusive of 7% VAT) spent on the Goods.
  7. 1 point is equivalent to THB 0.93 (exclusive of 7% VAT).
  8. KS Reward Points will expire in 365 days from the date you receive the points.
  9. You can view your current KS Reward Points by logging in to the your registered account.
  10. We reserve the rights to make changes to the reward and redemption rules without prior notice.