In each individual product page, there’s a “size guide” button (i.e. the yellow button above “add to cart” button) that (upon clicking it) will give you instructions on how to measure your feet as well as the size information (i.e. length and width) of the midsole used for the design you see on that particular product page.

Klas & Sylph use different types of midsole (with unique midsole ID) for different designs. As each type of midsole comes with different dimensions, it’s highly recommended that you always refer to the size guide on each product page to ensure that you’ll be selecting the right size of Klas & Sylph footwear.

Please note that the size guide on each product page is only relevant to the design you see on that page (as well as other designs that use the same type of midsole). This means that if you click on the “size guide” button on a different product page (with a design that uses a different type of midsole), the size guide button will give you a different size table.

In the worst-case scenario in which you’ve followed our instructions and recommendations flawlessly and the product you’ve purchased still do not fit well, you have an option to exchange it for a different size of the same product or the same size of a different design within 14 days after receiving your ordered goods. Please read to our Return & Exchange policy for more information.