It should be fair to say that there’s hardly anyone that stands or walks with perfect balance, putting equal weighting on both sides of the feet. Naturally, we can expect one side of a pair of shoes to flatten more than the other (i.e. unequal flattening), so it is crucial for the footwear midsole to revert to its original shape (i.e. resiliency) and equalize the body balance. Lack of or inadequate midsole resiliency would cause the body posture to misalign and result in pain in the neck, back, and joints.

Klas & Sylph understands the importance of midsole resiliency and develops Burlin Sole for that very reason. With a special formula of the finest Polyurethane (PU) imported from Germany, Klas & Sylph succeeds in producing quality footwear whose midsole is exceptionally flexible, resilient, and comfortable.

Please note, however, that PU as a midsole material is not the same material as normally short-lived PU fabric used in the making of shoes upper of other brands in the market. In fact, Klas & Sylph’s PU-based Burlin Sole has a minimum life expectancy of 3 years, conservatively speaking.