Whether or not your shoes would smell depends on a number of factors, such as:

  1. Is your shoes too tight? – if your shoes is too small for your feet, your feet will sweat more, and as we know it, sweat always smells. If this is the case, our best advice for you is to always refer to our size guide to make sure that you pick the right size.
  2. Do you feet sweat easily? – it’s perfectly natural that some people’s feet sweat more easily than others’ and it’s just not possible to go against nature. The good news though is that the material that we use for our sock lining is microfiber is a type of high-quality fabric that can be washed. Hence, despite how much your feet sweat, you can always clean the shoes with soap water, and the unpleasant smell would be gone.
  3. Did you just step on dirty water? – of course, sometimes it can’t be helped that we have to walk through damp and dirty streets. But again, since microfiber is washable, you can always clean your shoes with soap water to get rid of the unpleasant smell afterwards. So, no worry at all.

If you haven’t read our Cleaning Instructions already, we recommend that you do. :)