We use microfiber as a sock lining material for our footwear. Microfiber is a high-quality type of fabric that’s as durable as genuine leather (if not more) and, unlike suede, it can be exposed to water without shrinking or becoming out of shape. Hence, microfiber is washable and you can remove the stains as easily as when you clean your cloths.

There are 2 types of microfiber that we use – smooth microfiber and microsuede. While it is easier to clean smooth microfiber (i.e. you only need to wipe the texture clean with a wet towel), microsuede requires a more attentive care. In fact, as cleaning microsuede is comparable to cleaning your clothes, this implies that you have to clean it as often in order to remove the stains more easily without ruining the fabric (i.e. from harsh scrubbing). Of course, if you prefer convenience to suede-like texture, we highly recommend you to choose smooth microfiber as a material for your sock lining. This option is available for you to choose in each product page before you proceed to ‘add to cart’.

Please refer to our ‘Cleaning Instructions‘ page for more information on how to clean your Klas & Sylph footwear.