What is Arch Support?

Arch support supports the natural arch of the feet and distributes the body weight throughout. This helps diffusing the pressure around the ball and heel of the feet and relieving you from stone bruise, heel pain, and lower back pain. Arch support also prevents your feet from developing pronation (i.e. fallen arch) and supination, the [...]

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What type of feet do I have?

There are three basic types of feet based on the heights of your arch – low arch (i.e. flat feet), normal arch, and high arch. To determine your foot type, you could simply ask your friend or spouse to observe your foot arch as you’re standing straight on the ground and see which of these illustrations give the best match. You could also do a watermark test, i.e. [...]

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What level of arch support should I get?

Klas & Sylph offers three different levels of arch support that are compatible with three different types of foot. We generally recommend low arch support for flat feet, medium arch support for normal feet, and high arch support for high-arch feet. This, however, does not mean that you cannot wear different levels of arch support. [...]

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Is higher arch support better?

Different individuals have different types of feet, so until we know what your foot type is, we cannot conclude whether or not higher arch support is best for you. In fact, higher arch support is best for customers with high-arch feet, but if you normal or flat feet, we would recommend you to go with [...]

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Is Klas & Sylph’s footwear suitable for over-pronated or over-supinated feet?

Klas & Sylph’s footwear is embedded with orthopedically contoured arch support, hence it is suitable for both over-pronated and over-supinated feet. Over pronation is the condition in which the feet roll inwards and the arch of the feet flatten (i.e. fallen/collapse arch). This symptom usually occurs to flat-footed individuals. If your feet are over-pronated, then [...]

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How is Klas & Sylph different from other brands of comfort shoes?

Comfort shoes can be divided into two broad categories – non-orthopedics and orthopedics – according to the presence/absence of arch support. Klas & Sylph is embedded with arch support, so it belongs to the orthopedics category. Orthopedics footwear is NOT the same as toning shoes. Toning shoes belongs to non-orthopedics category that promotes “good health” [...]

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