Mommy Collection

Aside from built-in arch support and other fundamental orthopaedic footwear qualities (which are strongly recommended for all types of users),  our Mommy Collection also focuses on adjustable upper. As feet “edema” or swelling is common during pregnancy, it’s highly advised for soon-to-be mommies to wear shoes that allow upper adjustments (e.g. designs with lace, buckles, or velcro straps that allow you to loosen up the fit) instead of wearing larger-sized shoes. This is because the length of your feet does not increase during the swelling. If you wear a larger-sized shoes, then the arch support and other midsole profile will all be disproportionate to your feet, and the orthopaedic benefits (as well as grip and kinetic balance) could be compromised. In short, wear appropriate-sized shoes with adjustable upper when preparing for or coping with feet edema.

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